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Free Check-Ups For Life

While most orthodontic offices will charge you for retainer visits after your braces are removed, we at Baker Orthodontics DO NOT. We consider you a valuable part of our Baker Orthodontics family, and offer free retainer check-ups for life, to ensure you maintain your beautiful smile. As your teeth are expected to move throughout your lifetime (especially if your wisdom teeth haven’t been removed) your retainer may need adjustments to keep your smile exactly where it should be. Should your teeth begin to shift, you don’t have to worry about a costly visit to see Dr. Baker.

Same Day Appointments, Same Day Starts At Our Orthodontic Office In Calhoun

When you decide you are ready for braces, it can be disheartening to hear that you may have to wait several weeks to be seen by an orthodontist. Then after you finally get to your first appointment, you may be burdened with more bad news that your orthodontist has a waiting period for new patients. While this is done to ensure that they have enough time in their day to see every patient, you shouldn’t have to wait!

At Baker Orthodontics, we ensure we have time in our schedule to see new patients! We can see you the same day as you call and even start treatment the same day! We like to make our patients a priority!

Invisalign Provider In Calhoun, GA

When an orthodontist has an exceptional rate of success with Invisalign® treatment, Invisalign® will recognize that orthodontist by knighting them as an Invisalign® Provider. Baker Orthodontics of Calhoun, Georgia has been so successful with Invisalign® over the years that Invisalign® has given us preferred provider recognition! You can rest assured that if you and Dr. Baker decide that Invisalign® is right for you, that you will be getting exceptional results!

Accelerated Braces And Orthodontic Treatment Options

If you want to get your braces off sooner, Baker Orthodontics offers several options to reduce the amount of time spent in braces. One method we use is the Propel system. Propel is a micro-invasive treatment that uses tiny perforations to stimulate the bone around the root of the tooth to remodel faster allowing the tooth to move quicker and easier. The procedure only takes 15-20 minutes, without any downtime, and can reduce the time you are in braces by up to 50%! An additional method available for you to get your braces off faster is our Odyssey Diode Laser treatment. This is an extra service we offer which helps speed up treatment by uncovering slow-to-erupt teeth early. The laser can also be used to cosmetically reshape the gum line after your braces are removed and improve your overall smile. 3D printed brackets that are completely customized to fit your individual tooth. This technology can reduce your treatment time by 45%, which means less visits and time away from school and work. You may also be a candidate for TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), which are used to enhance anchorage to decrease treatment time. These devices are immobile and are designed to help push, pull, lift or intrude teeth that are being straightened.

Guarantees At Baker Orthodontics

At Baker Orthodontics, we want you to not only be happy with your treatment, we want you to be 100% satisfied! Dr. Baker offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if at any point during your treatment you begin to feel dissatisfied with your treatment, let one of our team members know! We will do anything we can to ensure you look back positively on your time at Baker Orthodontics!

Family Discounts On Braces And Orthodontic Treatment

When you choose Baker Orthodontics, you can get orthodontic treatment for your whole family! The more members in your family that get treatment, the more you can save overall! Ask one of our team members how you can start saving today!

Flexible And Affordable Payment Options, 0% Interest

At Baker Orthodontics, we don’t want you to break the bank for your orthodontic treatment. So, in addition to offering discounts for multiple family members, we also offer flexible and affordable payment options with 0% interest. We want to ensure that we aren’t only offering the best treatment available, but that it is also affordable!

Reward Program – The Baker Reward Card

When you follow “Doctors Orders” resulting in a good check-up appointment, you or your child will be rewarded with points! These points will be loaded onto your personal Baker Reward Card which you can use to buy prizes!

Community Involvement

Dr. Baker grew up in this community, so you may find that community involvement is very important to her and her team. You may also find that she places great importance in investing in the future of our community, which means staying involved with local schools and youth groups. Dr. Baker thinks youth education is so important, that she even stays involved on a global scale.

One of her global involvements includes Smiles of Hope, which is a charity dedicated to building, supporting, and managing the Angel House Orphanage and Secondary School. This organization provides shelter, food, healthcare, and an education to orphaned children and the local community in Tarime. Dr. Baker’s donation allowed the people of the village to buy a prime piece of property that they are now using to grow their own food. Locally, Dr. Baker has started a program called “Smiles for Success”. Each year she provides free orthodontic treatment to an underprivileged child from both the city school system and county school system. Her desire is that by providing the children with their new smile, she will give them the added confidence and self esteem they need to succeed in life.

Proudly Supporting the Gordon County Community and Beyond

Your Best Smile Starts Here!

Calhoun, GA, orthodontist, Dr. Tonya Baker understands the importance of a smile you can share with confidence.
Additionally, she wants you to feel confident with your decision for your journey to your best smile ever.

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